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  1. Vertical CDR was analyzed 5 times with each device in a single visit and evaluated by 3 different ophthalmologists. The Spearman correlation test and Bland-Altman analysis were used to evaluate the correlation and agreement between methods. Results: The CDR average using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography was ±, whereas the.
  2. Gregory L. Pasqua Principal. Gregory L. Pasqua Principal. New York. Consumer/Retail. Mr. Pasqua joined CD&R in He plays a key role in the Firm’s investments in American Greetings, MOD Pizza, and Radio Systems, as he did in the acquisitions of Brand Industrial Services, Healogics, and High Ridge Brands. Prior to joining CD&R, Mr. Pasqua.
  3. The Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks- Climate Data Record (PERSIANN-CDR) provides daily rainfall estimates at a spatial resolution of 0. 25 degrees in the latitude band 60 S - 60 N from to the near-present. The precipitation estimate is produced using the PERSIANN algorithm on GridSat-B1 infrared satellite data, and the training of.
  4. l/min m3/h 51 Maximum flow4) Q max l/min m3/h 1) For further characteristics see pages 2) at 6 bar and 25 m/s 3) By the use of special springs, the outlet pressure can be precisely regulated in the specified p 2 range .
  5. May 07,  · CDR may be measured horizontally or vertically, but because loss of the neuroretinal rim tends to occur first in the superior and inferior poles, the vertical CDR has become a more commonly used parameter in clinical practice.8 The ability of CDRs to detect glaucoma is limited due to the wide variability of CDRs in the normal changotesupilontinatoliwhitda.coinfo by:
  6. Applicability.. This method provides for the measurement of the mass concentration of fine particulate matter having an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to a nominal micrometers (PM ) in ambient air over a hour period for purposes of determining whether the primary and secondary national ambient air quality standards for fine particulate matter specified in § and.
  7. AIMS—The vertical cup/disc ratio (CDR) has long been used in the assessment of the glaucoma suspect, though the wide range of CDR values in the normal population limits its changotesupilontinatoliwhitda.coinfo size is related physiologically to disc size and pathologically to glaucomatous damage. Disc size can be measured at the slit lamp as the vertical disc diameter (DD).Cited by:
  8. Vertical WALL Movements CDR = Capacity To Demand Ratio. MSE Wall Design Example. MSE Wall Design Example. If the sliding, capacity demand ratio, CDR L, and repeat the calculations. General Foundation Design Flow Chart. 1. Establish Global Project Performance Requirements and Constraints 2. Define.

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