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  1. to haul someone over the coals - Gerund Form: Hauling his subordinate over the coals, the manager lectured the poor fellow on his lack of skill for twenty minutes.
  2. Welcome to the Coal Haul information page Please check this page at least once a day for the latest updates on work assignments, messages from dispatch, conditions along your route and more. You will have the best results if you check this prior to leaving the Fruitland or Gallup yards, or prior to heading to your next location to load.
  3. coal, fuel substance of plant origin, largely or almost entirely composed of carbon with varying amounts of mineral matter. Types. There is a complete series of carbonaceous fuels, which differ from each other in the relative amounts of moisture, volatile matter, and fixed carbon they contain.
  4. heap coals of fire on someone's head, to repay evil with good in order to make one's enemy repent. rake/haul/drag/call/take over the coals, to reprimand; scold: They were raked over the coals for .
  5. Aug 07,  · China followed up its massive import pull in June with a record iron ore haul last month, although port congestion caused its purchases of crude to slow. Coal .
  6. Dec 05,  · Covering almost 30, acres ( km2), the mine yields roughly 12 million tons of coal each year. That’s an impressive haul. But before that happens, a small army of electric shovels, excavators, conveyors, trucks and explosives must all work together to move the overburden and expose the coal.
  7. Nov 17,  · The factories that churned out haul trucks at record levels a few years ago have slowed considerably with the downturn in coal and metals markets. Understanding that many mine operators are opting to squeeze more hours from their haul trucks before making replacement purchases, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking at different.
  8. 3. charcoal (def. 1). v.t. 4. to burn to coal or charcoal. 5. to provide with coal. v.i. 6. to take in coal for fuel. Idioms: rake or haul over the coals, to reprimand severely. [before ; Middle English cole, Old English col, c. Old Frisian, Middle Low German kole, Old High German kol (o), Old Norse kol].
  9. Pulling doubles, hauling dry bulk products- rock, cement, fly ash and coal. $3, Sign-On Bonus. With over locations and 75 years of service with safety,.

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