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  1. With 'Eever Schapes,' Ichtyor Tides' Nikola Akileus completes a trilogy that began with 's 'Eever Schores' on Sirona-Records and continued with 'Eever Schemes' on Already Dead Tapes. I haven't heard either of the original two releases, so I am somewhat without context to assess this tape on the basis of its predecessors.
  2. Part of a series of 8 split release cassettes, hand-painted & numbered; Side A is Dog Hallucination (D. Petri) for manipulated guitars, textural element, and organized sound; Side B is Ichtyor Tides (Nikola Akileus) for synthetic ambience, glitches, hazy drones, & field recordings.
  3. Ichtyor Tides. 50 likes. An organic body afloat in a sea of corrupt data and digital changotesupilontinatoliwhitda.coinfoers:
  4. Absquatulate Azimuth by Miguel A. Garcia / August Traeger, released 26 February 1. Miguel A. Garcia - Stripes (for Windowpane) Variation 1 2. Miguel A. Garcia - Stripes (for Windowpane) Variation 2 3. Miguel A. Garcia - Stripes (for Windowpane) Variation 3 4. August Traeger - Eating Borrowed People 5. August Traeger - Logistics Maps (subset 2) This is half of the third pair of a series of.
  5. Salt by Econore, released 27 June 1. Aaron Yabrov - Nachtmuster 2. Ichtyor Tides - Vermys (Achermede) 3. The Duke of Zuke - Dearest Stella / December Holidays 4. Oberlin - End of a Holiday 5. Banana Pill - Where the Snow Takes 6. Riley Theodore - Miniature Tokyo 7. Yorihisa Taura - Prism 8. Voyage Data - Grauspeis 9. Pastor Tonal - Crucified on a Wall Creeper
  6. Cassette / Digital eco_ Salt. Things that take time to complete, eventually become timeless. with AARON YABROV / ICHTYOR TIDES / THE DUKE OF ZUKE / OBERLIN / BANANA PILL / RILEY THEODORE / YORIHISA TAURA / VOYAGE DATA / PASTOR TONAL / THE UNSPEAKABLE VOID OF DOOM Compiled between April and May by J. Flemming.
  7. An unusual album of abstracted sound and spoken word, NY bassist Sean Ali's first solo album, using extraneous and unidentifiable sound and punctuation over layered voices of varying quality in a non-linear narrative, a curious album of impressive sonic interest. Dog Hallucination / Ichtyor Tides: Vergier Begets [CASSETTE] (Bicephalic -- USA).
  8. Apr 27,  · Ichtyor Tides, “En-Brunsia” Ambient and drone-inclined music can be difficult to present in a coherent context and even more difficult to master.
  9. album; track; merch; new artist; existing artist; stats; electronic. metal. rock. alternative. hip-hop/rap. experimental. punk. pop. The Caprice of Young Gods – Limited Edition Cassette Maharadja Sweets. Cassette Sold Out Landscape and Memory – Limited Edition Cassette Ichtyor Tides. Cassette.

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